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How to Play - setting up

  • Select a large flat playing surface that has a bit of bounce to it

  • Place all the contents of the bag onto the table

  • Each player selects a set of three sheep of the same colour

  • Place all the dogs and Baabara (the golden three baas trophy for the champ) beside the playing surface

How to Play - playing the game

  • The game starts with any player saying 3,2,1

  • On 1, everyone throws their sheep at the same time

  • Each time a player lands a sheep on its feet, they must say “baa”

  • All players continue to throw their sheep and “baa” until one player has landed all three sheep on their feet


How to Play - winning and losing dogs

  • The first player to land all three sheep on their feet wins the round and claims a dog

  • The winning player starts the next round by saying 3,2,1

  • The game continues for 12 rounds, but be careful, you can lose your dogs along the way

  • If you have won a dog, or dogs, but don't land at least one of your sheep on it's feet before the end of a round, you must surrender one of your dogs to the winner of the round

  • Only one dog is to be surrendered by any player per round

How to play - the winner


  • The player that has the most dogs at the end of the 12 rounds wins that game

  • If two or more players have the same number of dogs at the end of the 12 rounds, then those players play one more round (a baa-off) to decide the overall winner of that game

  • The winner of the game becomes the three baas® champ and receives the golden “Baabara” trophy

  • That player holds Baabara until someone else wins a game

How to play - the ultimate throw

  • If any player throws the ultimate three baas® (lands three sheep on their feet in any one throw) they win the entire game, not just the round. 

We hope you enjoy the game.

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