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the rules

  1. To claim a “baa” the sheep must land on its feet (upright) unaided and free from any touch of the hands. The landed sheep must be clearly visible to the other players.

  2. When throwing your sheep, there must be a clear release from your hand or hands before the sheep hit the playing surface. The release height must be at least the height of a standing sheep - 1.5cm.

  3. Sheep can only be counted as “on their feet” if they are on the playing surface. 

  4. If any of a players sheep fall off the playing surface, the player must retrieve them before throwing again. 

  5. If you are the first player to land your three sheep on their feet in the round, you win the round and claim a dog.

  6. Losing a Dog. If you have won a dog, or dogs, but don't land at least one of your sheep on it's feet before the end of a round, you must surrender one of your dogs to the winner of the round. Only one dog is to be surrendered by any player per round.

  7. If you throw the ultimate three baas® (land three sheep on their feet in any one throw) you win the entire game, not just the round. 

  8. Landing a double baa (two sheep on their feet in the same throw) is awesome and totally counted.

  9. Any cheating and you are “baaed” from the next round.

  10. Disputes. To settle any disputes arising from the game, the involved players are to play a a baa-off (play another round) to decide who wins.  This could include two or more players who land their third baa at the same time (simultaneous landing). Those players would play one more round (a baa-off) to decide the winner of that round. There can only be one winner of each round.

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