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the story behind the game

three baas® was dreamt up, designed and developed down here in New Zealand during the Covid lockdowns of 2020-21. It's a true kiwi game with a good dollop of sporting competitiveness, totally random outcomes, a flock of sheep, a pack of dogs and Baabara - the three baas trophy for the champ.


The inspiration for this game was simple; to provide our family and friends with something new to play, have fun and escape the reality of the  Covid world. I also wanted to create a totally inclusive game, something that everyone could play at the same time, not sitting around waiting for your turn.


One of the best parts of the game for me, is being surrounded by a bunch of other players baaing and throwing their sheep all over the place. Things get pretty chaotic and really funny.


I hope that you enjoy the game and play with your family, mates and work colleagues. 

Thanks for playing.

Patrick McCarthy - inventor of three baas®

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