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the ultimate three baas® throw

If you land all three of your sheep on their feet in any one throw, you win the entire game, not just the round.  

The first ever ultimate three baas® throw.

Wendy F.  - Whangamata, 29th December 2021. 


Landing three sheep on their feet might sound pretty easy, but it's not really, it's a pretty big deal. In our friends and family game testing over the summer of 2021, thousands of baas have been landed, however only two people have managed to throw the ultimate three baas® in a game. 

$500.00 up for grabs.

If you throw the ultimate three baas® we want to hear about it. Complete out the ultimate  three baas®  form with your photos or video and we will put you up on the ultimate three baas® hall of fame, send you a free game and T-shirt. If you are the first person to throw the ultimate three baas®  and capture it on video, we will pay your $500.00. T's & C's apply.


check out the ultimate three baas® throw - hall of fame

the first ever ultimate throw

the first ever ultimate throw

Wendy F. Whangamata New Zealand 29.12.2021 "Hi, just threw a triple baa in one throw. Am the baabara queen!!"

the second one...ever!

the second one...ever!

Louis J Mt Manganui, NZ 30.12.2021 "Proving that 3 on the the same throw does happen - as they fell."

the third one

the third one

Elliott Fingal Bay, Australia 17.11.2023 Hi, my almost 5-year-old nephew Elliott threw the three baas on Friday evening. I gave this game to my nephews and nieces when I visited them in August. Elliott in particular loves the game so it's fitting that he is the one who threw the three baas.

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